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FAQs for Virtual Classes

Why are you doing both pre-recorded videos and live classes?​​

  • We want to give families the ability to watch classes at a time that works for them, which is the advantage of pre-recorded videos. Also, the production quality of a pre-recorded class is much better (sound, frame rate, video quality). However, we see the *large* advantage of seeing the kids and giving feedback.​​


What do I need to participate?

You will need :

  • A clear area (at least 6' x 6')

  • An open wall to do handstands

  • Various household items that vary week to week: a pillow, a couch, a chair, socks, etc.

  • Note: if in the advanced class, we also ask that you have a panel mat similar to this one

How do kids move up between levels?

  • We evaluate our students' progress every 6 weeks during a week called "Z-Week". This is the list of all of the skills needed to progress from level to level: Link to Z-Week Charts.

Is there a student maximum capacity to the live classes?

  • Not at the moment. Each class will have two coaches assigned to it. Coach Sarah, Kina, or Brian will lead class. Coach Mieke and Joseph will assist with giving corrections so that each student is monitored during class. If the two coaches get overwhelmed with the student load, we will add offerings!

What level should I enroll my child?

  • Roughly speaking, levels are based upon age until your child is over 6years old. Then, it is skill-based. Take a look at the "Z-Week" charts which we use to evaluate our students' progress every 6 weeks. If your child can do the Z-Week skills from that level, take a look at the next level. Link to Z-Week Charts.​

How do you drop classes?

  • Please fill out this form if you'd like to drop your student from ONLINE/VIRTUAL classes: Link to Request Drop

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