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Before Kazio opened: Gymnastics classes at a martial arts studio

 called Wu Xing Do

kids do gymnastics in pleasanton california

About Us

Welcome! Our names are Brian and Kina Kincher-Winoto (the Kinchotoes for short!). We own and operate Kazio Acrobatics, Gymnastics, & Fitness and we love every minute of it! Kazio, formerly Gym For All, started with renting a space from a martial arts studio (thank you Wu Xing Do!) and doing acrobatics in various gyms. Over time, it grew into the 4,000 sq ft gym we now call home. Together, with our dog, Lilo, we bring an encouraging coaching style, modern facilities, and an inclusive environment for all ages to train in our beloved sport.

We believe in growing every student no matter their age, challenging and encouraging one another, and welcoming everyone to our gym. Oh, and we believe in clean bathrooms ;)


Message us if you have any thoughts or questions! Or follow us on facebook or instagram. Either way, we'd love to hear from you.

kina and brian kincher winoto open a new businss.
2 aerial view of gym 2.JPG

Aerial view of Kazio!

In front of Kazio on day 1.

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