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Types of Classes

Baby / Toddler Classes (1.5-5 yr)

EXPLORE WITH ME (1.5-3 yr)

In this parent (or any trusted adult, really!) assisted class, your burgeoning toddler will learn how to walk on uneven surfaces, learn fine motor skills, and be in a group class setting. We encourage them to learn colors, shapes, jumping, and running. Themes will rotate to ensure your child will be exposed to differing apparatus and characters, yet have time to fully explore each theme. See schedule for current availability.

KAZIO JUNIOR 1 (3-4 yr)

In preschool gymnastics 1, your child will learn to be on their own (perhaps) for the first time in a class setting. While teaching them the basics of gymnastics, we also teach them how to wait in line, talk to their peers nicely, and ask for help with their words. You can watch your child grow from our lobby and see them take a small step towards independence. See schedule for current availability.


KAZIO JUNIOR 2 (4-5 yr)

In preschool gymnastics 2, your child is already comfortable being in class (although they still run to you for that drink of water!), and is getting better at basic gymnastics skills. S/he will learn to consistently stay at their station until asked to rotate, follow any obstacle course, and ask for help when s/he needs. S/he will be in this class until they are ready to join the recreational program of the big kids! Skill “challenges” will keep active kids busy while making the class accessible for the first timers. See schedule for current availability.

Kid Classes (6+ yr)

KAZIO CORE (6+ yr)

The Kazio recreational program will teach your child cartwheels, handstands, forward rolls, backbends, bar swings, and a few ninja moves too! It also emphasizes team work, sportsmanship, and getting to know other disciplines of movement. Your child will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics, acrobatics, some ninja skills, and productive ways to overcome fears (something gymnasts are great at doing!). Your child will gain strength as a gymnast and build athletic skills to last! We track their progress as they learn new skills and get to know your child on an individual level. Our coaches are consistent teachers and will teach your child the love of gymnastics! See schedule for current availability.

​Level 1: KAZIO CORE 1

Learn to master the basics of gymnastics: your child will learn the big 4 on floor: handstand, cartwheel, forward roll, and backward roll.


Level 2: KAZIO CORE 2

Learn the rest of the fundamentals of gymnastics! In this level, students will master backbends with a kickover to feet, handstand forward roll, round-offs, and bar tap swings.


Level 3: : KAZIO CORE 3

At this level 3 gymnastics, students will learn how to do back handsprings, bar kips, flips, and side handstands on beam.

Specialty Classes


Adult gymnastics is for 17+ years old kids! Whether you’ve always wanted to take gymnastics and never did, or you competed collegiate gymnastics, this class is all sorts of fun. You’ll learn skills from handstands to backflips to bar kips to running up the warp wall. After class, open gym is afterwards for you to work on anything you learned in class.


Geared for girls and boys of 7 years old and up, this class focuses on ninja-like movement and skills. Boys and girls will learn how to swing on the bars, go up the warp wall, climb the rope ultra-fast, and do back flips.


Geared for dancers, this class will focus on getting skills for dance performances. Students should have good body awareness and the ability to do a cartwheel. We will learn how to do side aerials, front aerials, and back handsprings.

For class schedule and pricing, please see our schedule.

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