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  • What should my child or me -- whoever is doing gymnastics -- wear to class?
    Class participants should wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. Running shorts, leggings, and sweat pants are all good examples of acceptable bottoms. A tucked in t-shirt, long sleeve, and tank top are good examples of acceptable tops. We request that a shirt is tucked in or is tight enough so that it doesn't fly up when we go upside down! Leotards are also fine, but are not required. Socks are fine for most of class, except on some of our trampolines. So please be prepared to remove socks! Adults who participate in Explore with Me classes can wear anything you can easily move in. You will also be asked to remove your shoes, so please keep that in mind. :) Lastly, all participants in gymnastics must wear a shirt of some kind (tank, tee, long-sleeve, cropped). No fully bare tummies (e.g. sports bra only is not acceptable)!
  • If my child misses a scheduled class, how can I make it up?"
    In order to keep groups as stable as possible to fight the spread of COVID-19, we do not offer make-up classes at this time.
  • What class should I enroll my child in?
    It largely depends on your child's age and ability. Please visit our Class Types page for the ages we accept in each class along with full class descriptions. For the most part, we recommend a child between 1.5-3 years old, enroll in Explore With Me. If they are 3-4 years old, enroll in Junior 1. If they are 4.5-5 years old, enroll in Junior 2. If they are 6+years old without any gymnastics experience, enroll in Core 1. If they are 6+years old and have intermediate gymnastics experience, Core 2 might be a good fit. It is an invite only series though, so please email us to discuss.
  • What are your tution rates?
    Please refer to our full policies here.
  • Where is your facility?
    We are located at 530 Boulder Ct, Unit 104, Pleasanton, CA. We are the fourth unit down at the end of the building.
  • What skills does my child learn in each level of class?
    Please visit our Class Types page for full descriptions of classes. When enrolled in class with us, parents can track progress of their child's skills via the Customer Portal. The tracker will look something like this: .
  • Will I be given progress reports for my child while in class?
    Since every coach has at least a 15 minute gap between their classes, we try to talk to each parent before or after class, but sometimes we miss you! If you ever want to check on the progress of your child's skills, check out the Customer Portal and navigate to the Skills tab for your child. It will look something like this: If you think anything is amiss with the skill level, let your coach know after class!
  • Does my child have to be potty trained?
    We do not have strict requirements for your child to be potty trained. If they are not yet potty-trained, we do require pull-ups or equivalent are worn during class. However, we do require them to be able to express themselves physically. An indicator is if they are able to say the coach’s name and ask for help if they are feeling insecure, uncomfortable, or scared.

If you have any other questions, feel free to call or email us!

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