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Safety Protocol for In-Person Classes

Surgical Mask
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Washing Hands
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Cleaning Products

When entering Kazio, here's what to expect:


We conduct all group classes socially distant for our students. We will maintain 3ft distance at much as possible.


Students will wash their hands in the restroom...

  • ...before class starts

  • ...if they cough or sneeze

  • ...after class ends


Parents, students, and coaches are required to wear masks as of June 3, 2022 per Alameda County's order.
We keep the back garage open and air filtered in the lobby to keep maximum ventilation inside our facility.


During class, coaches will maintain a distance from students except when necessary to move closer (e.g. student is in danger or in need of help). We are hands-on spotting students. If you feel uncomfortable with that, please let your coach know before class.


Sanitation of equipment on the gym floor and in the lobby will be conducted after classes, using a cleaner that is EPA-registered to kill the corona virus. We use BotaniClean (EPA registered 34810-25-70385 against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) according to CDC List N). All gym equipment, restrooms, door handles, and chairs are cleaned daily.

Thanks! We're doing our best to keep our community safe and healthy. Please remember:

Stay home if you're feeling sick.

We recommend that you wear a mask that covers your nose & mouth.

Wash your hands.

Please be respectful and kind to our staff as we adapt to new procedures. 

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