We started it in March 2020 during the corona virus pandemic, since our gym closed to the public.

One year and hundreds of students later, we discovered it's a really convenient way to get started in gymnastics. So whether you're looking for a no-commute way to get your child into gymnastics, not comfortable going to a gym yet, or inexpensive tuition, online gymnastics is for you!


Sign your child up for a virtual class and gain access to our entire library of virtual classes for your whole family.




Normally, you would meet our staff in person!

Instead, these are our coaches...coming to you from various locations around the Bay Area and beyond!



Classes are separated by age group:

Each week, we send out a video on Monday mornings and 1-2 live class links for that week

(totaling 2-3 possible classes/week)

  • Toddlers: 1.5-3 years old, designed to be done with a parent or trusted adult

  • Juniors: 3-5 years old (Preschool and Kindergarten aged kids)

  • Beginner: 6-12 years old (no experience needed)

  • Intermediate: 6-12 years old (some knowledge of gymnastics positions, rolls, handstand kicks)

  • Advanced: teenagers that do gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, and have 3+ years of experience

NOTE: Have more than one kid or want to sign yourself up? Pick more than one class! It's always $16/week for the whole family. 

What you'll need to participate:

  • A way to watch videos on a tablet or a TV

  • A clear space of approximately 6ft x 6ft

  • Weekly, there are various class materials needed that are common household items such as a towel or broom.

(No sign up needed.)




Miss a live class? Watch a pre-recorded, high quality-production one! **We do record live classes, but only for security purposes and not public dissemination -- e.g. like a security camera.**


Tuition is


for the WHOLE family, start/cancel at any time.

  • level-specific pre-recorded production quality class/week sent directly to you

  • 1-2 live class options/week via Zoom. Come to one or both (no extra charge). Can't make the live class? Watch the pre-recorded one!

  • Access to previous weeks' pre-recorded production quality classes (not grainy live videos :/). Bonus content includes exercises for the whole family!

What you'll get after registration

  • A welcome email, including introductory videos to learn some gymnastics basics before getting started.​

  • An email on Monday mornings, containing a link to a new video and the zoom live class options.

  • Access to many more videos via a members-only site. After registration, we will send you a link to members' area.

  • We bill tuition weekly, on Wednesdays. Cancel your membership at any time before Monday to avoid charges.


Already a member?

Your registration email has the instructions for how to gain access to the video library.