We are celebrating our  2 year anniversary on April 25, 2021! It'll start with a week of in-class festivities where you can...

  1. Win a sticker...

    • by posting a review online (send a screenshot to 2years@gokazio.com)

    • by tagging us on instagram (@gokazio)

    • attending Sunday's KAzoomIVERSARY

  2. Email a video of a skill to be featured on Sunday's KAzoomIVERSARY!​​​ Send it to 2years@gokazio.com

  3. All classes throughout the week will be working on a coach's challenge! Sneak peak: If all of us work together and do 500 handstands, Coach Kina will do a roundoff backtuck to a pie in the face.

  4. The pandemic made us realize that there are those who want to do gymnastics but cannot afford it. So we started a scholarships fund! Help us fund it by donating anything you can to scholarships@gokazio.com via PayPal! 

Mark your calendars for the KAzoomIVERSARY virtual celebration on 

SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2021 1-2pm PT / 4-5pm ET

(Zoom link coming soon)


530 Boulder Ct, Suite 104, Pleasanton, CA | Map

(925) 243-7242 | info@gokazio.com

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