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Online Classes - Fly with Me (Parent + Child 4-6yr)

We currently have a Belgium coach with us, Coach Mieke, who is excited to teach a parent-child acrobatics class! It's a 4-week specialty series for the month of February. Join us for fun parent-child gymnastics and games, where you get to spot your child through rolls and other fun activities. Moves inspired by the book written by Coach Mieke's colleague: Jack's Acrobatics

Give this parent-child acrobatics sample class a try with your 4/5yr old. If you like it, enroll below!


Online Classes - $16/week unlimited classes

Enroll for as many classes as you'd like at no extra charge. It's always $16/week per family.


1-3 year olds: Parent & Me (parent-assisted)

6+ year olds: Beginners (no experience needed)

3-5 year olds: Juniors

6+ year olds: Intermediate (usually 1-2 yrs experience)

9+ year olds: Advanced (usually 3+yrs experience)